We know how cumbersome the process of getting new patients into the system can be: the paper supplies, scanning, shredding and confidential storage, and the time it takes your team to keep up with the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HIPAA) standards to ensure your patients’ information is secure. Practices have to focus on running as efficiently as possible, minimizing waste any way possible, so they can direct attention to the patients needs. We created NewPatient.Link in a modern, secure, online system to solve these problems and simplify your office’s procedures.

Welcome to NewPatient.Link designed with the idea of creating a tool that benefits both the practice and the patient. NewPatient.link offers all the tools you need for your new patient forms in one easy-to-use solution that can be customized to your practice.

Yes, It’s All HIPAA-Compliant

We take patient privacy seriously. NewPatient.Link protects our practices and their patients’ privacy, by using an encrypted infrastructure with back-up and administration procedures that meet the Department of Health and Human Services’ HIPAA standards, taking the load off of your team.

Easy to use New Patient Forms

Your patient can provide the needed information with confidence because NewPatient.Link’s custom forms platform works with the practice’s record keeping system, while incorporating into the practice’s personal website, and branding. The forms side provides HIPAA-compliant, paperless form submission and storage, accessible online either in the patient’s home, on the go, or at your office. It is mobile and tablet friendly meaning patients can access the forms and fill them out anytime without downloading or printing then scanning or faxing anything back to the practice.

At the practice level, team members can access the custom forms as needed with confidence as they login with a secure ID and password to access forms that are designed and branded for the practice. NewPatient.Link provides the convenience of accessing new forms or submitted forms to then attach to the patient’s record with a few clicks, eliminating steps and saving time, to meet HIPAA compliance. Thanks to modern cloud computing technology, your office doesn’t have the cost involved and time lost, with software installation or server hardware.

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